What age is it fun for?

This is not meant for toddlers.
Age 5-12
This is a great and affordable option for this age.
Age 13-18
This is a great and affordable option for this age.
This is great for Adults

How Big is it?

The Dunk Tank is 6′ Long 8′ Wide and 8′ High. Set up requires about 10′ by 10′ of clear fairly level ground plus a area to throw from. The dunk tank needs to be set up in an area where we can have access to water and not somewhere the water can do damage.

What is it:

Dunk your manager, your principle or just each other. One person sits on a seat above a tank full of water. Then people line up to throw soft balls at a target. Hit the target and watch your victim get dunked!

How Much Is It?

The price is $150 for one calendar day.

We will deliver it as early as you want, set it up for you, go over all safety guidelines, and make sure everything is running perfectly. You provide adult volunteers to watch over inflatable during operations. Later we will pick it up as late as you like.

This price is for deliveries in Salt Lake County. Outside Salt Lake County there may be a travel charge.

If you would prefer us to man the inflatable, often preferred for larger events, there is a separate hourly charge for staffing. Call for details.

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