Rent a Bounce House

Fun for all types of events

Bounce n' Slide

Bounce house with  a slide inside.  It can be used wet or dry.

Castle Bounce n' Slide

Bounce House with a slide in it.  It can be used both wet and dry.

15' High Slide

Use as a water slide or dry.

Tropical Palm Slide

16′ High slide use as a water slide or dry.

15' High Double Lane Wave Slide

Fun Double Lane Slide use wet or dry.

Wipe Out Slide

19′ High Water Slide fun for all ages.

Double Lane Slip n' Slide

One of the funnest inflatables we have.

Giant 24' High Slide

Our biggest slide.  This is fun for a wide age range and will make your event much more visible.

Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course

Race your friends or just have fun climbing through .

40' Long Inflatable Obstacle Course

Are Most Affordable Obstacle Course its still fairly large.

Triple Lane Obstacle Course

An Obstacle Course with three lanes so three people can race through at one time.

65' Long Obstacle Course

Fun Obstacle Course to race through or climb on.

Train Tunnel

Fun Tunnel for kids to climb through.

Dragon Tunnel

Fun Tunnel For Kids To Climb Through.

Pedestal Joust

Battle on the Joust with your friends.

Bungee Run

Run as far as you can with a bungee cord attached to your back.

Bouncy Boxing

Giant Boxing Gloves in a Giant Boxing Ring.

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